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Wolf of Wall Street Negotiation

This is a non-naturalistic scene, as it shows a lot of sound effects and camera angles that the characters wouldn't be able to see or to listen. The scene starts off with Jordan Belfort teaching his associates how to sell shares of the stock market to the rich people. As this happens, there is some sort of motivation music, which is intended to make the scene more exciting and make the audience feel more motivation than the one the characters are feeling. 

This scene shows a very determined style, which is that Jordan Belfort is narrating the story of how he founded his company, at the same time that naturalistic dialogues are been acted. The director of tis scene actually knew very well how to do this kind of scene, because I have never found it confusing when Jordan Belfort is narrating his story, and the sudden change of when the dialogue starts.

As Jordan Belfort keeps narrating, and at the same time he's teaching his friends how to sell, there is a sudden change of set, which is located at the same place, but a lot more people can be seen at the office, and Jordan and his partners are trying to convince actual clients to buy shares from different companies. This is a creative way from the director to tell us that time has happened, and that the company has grown a lot, but without using any dialogue or narration, and just by using a change of set, props, costumes, and colors. For example, when Jordan is teaching his partners, the set looks as if it was a really dark and lonely place, but when the company becomes bigger, the set becomes a lighter and crowder place, and it's everything but a quiet place.


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